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Useful information

During the stay in the Boatyard, the owners or their representatives must:

  • Have a valid third party liability insurance policy, valid for the duration of the stay;
  • Keep the external part of the boat clean and tidy and without explosive or flammable materials aboard
  • Keep the goods of the boat in security in a proper place to avoid damage or thieves;
  • Respect your neighbours;
  • Observe the rules, which are established by the concessionaire and posted in the installations regarding lighting, noise, smoke and gas emissions and other forms of pollution, namely related to depositing garbage and evacuation of dirty water and other solid or liquid products;
  • The boat owners or their representatives must inform the administrative services of the Boatyard when they intend to be absent, and indicate the form they can be contacted or who can represent them, should the need arise.
  • The concessionaire does not accept responsibility for loss by theft or damage to yachts or their contents, inclusive damage caused by bad weather or calamities. These risks are exclusively at the cost of the boat owners or their representatives
  • It is ship’s owner’s representative’s responsibility to mark the correct position for the travelift belts.
  • During the propping-up of the vessels the owner/representative will have to indicate possible weak points where supporting ropes may not be attached.

During the stay in the Boatyard, it is not allowed to:

  • Empty oil, dirty, debris or any other objects outside the appropriate recipients located on the docks or in adjacent areas;
  • Make electrical connections to terminals using plugs other than those indicated by the Boatyard;
  • Do any works that can affect other boats or Boatyard installations without taking precautions.
  • Park or leave bicycles, shopping carts or other items outside the parking areas;
  • Use bicycles or motorbikes on Boatyard;
  • Use trailers or tents for accommodation or similar purpose;
  • Keep pets, except when tied up so that others are not, in any way, disturbed and the sanitary norms are compiled with;
  • Exercise any commercial or advertising activity without written authorization from Marina management;
  • Proceed with repairs or works without authorization from the Marina de Portimão.
  • Obstruct the free maneuvering of the boats in the access ways to the Boatyard.
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